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The Leader in Landfill Gas Recovery and CoGeneration

Janechek & Associates specializes in the development of cogeneration facilities utilizing landfill gas and other biogases. Company president Alan Janechek, P.E., established Janechek & Associates (J&A) in 1997 to provide engineering and construction services to the landfill gas recovery industry.

J&A can provide complete turnkey services for your landfill gas or biogas project, including design, construction, financing and development. Contact Alan Janechek at 949-887-5422 to discuss our approach to turning your waste gas into revenue.

  • Landfill Gas and Biogas Treatment Design
  • Landfill Gas Collection System Design
  • Electrical Engineering, specialists in "self-generation" utility interconnections
  • Control System Design Using Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers


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